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Pan-Academy: Learning is fun!

Posted on: June 26th, 2013 by admin No Comments

Pan-Academy - Panacea Web Based EHR Learning Tutorials

We are excited to announce our new effort towards affluence named as Pan-academy. Panacea EHR, always striving to provide you with the ease in your practice, is now coming up with the learning academy to make your EHR experience smoother and more fun. It is specially designed to train the Panacea EHR users on how to use its different features.

It is not just a typical user guide but it’s designed on the concept of E-learning based education and training. You have videos corresponding to each module in the Panacea EHR. You can watch the video and at the end of each video/e-learning session you have a quiz to attempt. It also help the doctors in accessing the knowledge of their employees regarding the web-based EHR, by reviewing the progress reports. This will ultimately reduce the chances of some serious mistakes.

Let’s have a brief look on how it’s going to work:

1. You can access it by clicking the “Pan-academy” icon on the top right corner of Panacea EHR or you can directly access it through the URL

Pan-Academy - Panacea EHR Leaning / Tutorials

Pan-academy icon on the top right corner of Panacea EHR

2. Login with your Panacea credentials.

3. On dashboard you get to see your own progress against each module.

4. In order to watch a specific lesson regarding any module, directly search it by entering the module name in the search field.

5. To browse a course, go to view courses.

6. You can view the progress reports of other users on View reports page, if admin provided you with the appropriate rights.

On the whole, Pan-academy is fully equipped to put the Panacea EHR on your fingertips.