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Changes from Meaningful Use Stage 1 to Stage 2

Posted on: October 30th, 2012 by admin 1 Comment

The Center for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has published the Meaningful Use (MU) Stage 2 criteria for eligible professionals. There are a number of changes from Stage 1 to Stage 2. There will now be 17 core objectives for Stage 2, instead of the 15 that were in Stage 1. The menu set objectives for Stage 2 are now reduced to six (instead of ten), and eligible professionals must select three (instead of five). Some of the other changes are described below:

Core Objectives
Implementing drug-drug and drug-allergy interaction checks are no longer a separate objective in Stage 2. This measure is incorporated into the Stage 2 Clinical Decision Support measure.

Maintaining an active medication list, maintaining active medication allergy lists, and maintaining an up-to-date problem list of current and active diagnoses are no longer separate objectives in Stage 2 either. These measures are incorporated into the stage 2 measure of Summary of Care Document at Transitions of Care and Referrals.

Reporting clinical quality measures (CQM) is no longer a separate objective for Stage 2, however providers must still submit CQMs to CMS or the States in order to achieve MU. In fact, beginning in 2014, all CQMs will need to be submitted electronically to CMS.

Capability to exchange key clinical information among providers of care and patient authorized entities electronically has been completely eliminated from Stage 2 and is actually eliminated from Stage 1 in 2013 as well.

Implementing drug-formulary checks is no longer a separate objective for Stage 2. Instead, it is included in the ePrescribing measure for Stage 2.

Providing patients with timely electronic access to their health information has been eliminated from Stage 2 and will also no longer be an objective from Stage 1 in 2014.

There is also a new core objective for stage 2 which requires eligible professionals to use secure electronic messaging to communicate with patients on relevant health information for more than 5% of unique patients seen during the EHR reporting period.

Menu Objectives
There are five new menu objectives which are:

Recording electronic notes in patient records for more than 30% of unique patients.

Imaging results consisting of the image itself and any explanation or other accompanying information are to be made accessible through certified EHRs.

Recording patient family health history as structured data for more than 20% of unique patients seen during the EHR reporting period.

Successful ongoing submission of cancer case information and another specific case from certified EHRs to registries for the entire EHR reporting period.

Now this is just a high level synopsis of the Stage 2 changes. For more details and to get the most recent updates, please visit the CMS Stage 2 Website. You can also download a comparison table for Stage 1 and Stage 2 for eligible professionals or a quick tip sheet on changes to Stage 1.

EHR’s and Improved Healthcare

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According to the The Journal for General Internal Medicine, cited in an article by Ken Terry of Health IT News, EHR (electronic health record) use by community doctors is actually related to an increased quality of healthcare delivery! This article actually blew me away because a study is actually correlating a link between use of technology like EHR and improved healthcare delivery. The main distinguishing factor was on using the EHR to order tests for their patients. As with most web-based EHR’s like Panacea™, a provider can set alerts based on a specific range of criteria. Whenever they see a patient with a specific condition, the EHR will flag the provider and instruct him/or her to order the test. Well, we now have a specific study (which Im sure is only another out of many that have been done before) that supports use and adoption of electronic health record technology. When used meaningfully, providers are even incentivized financially to use EHR’s through the EHR incentive program established by the government. So the question remains: why not use EHR’s if they are linked to improved healthcare delivery? Any thoughts?

4 Ways MU Stage 2 will Impact EHR Vendors

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Stage 2 of Meaningful Use rules for EHRs are finally here! I am excited for the implementation of these rules into EHRs because they align more with the most pressing issue facing the industry today: interoperability. According to Benjamin Harris of Healthcare IT News, the following are some key areas of impact that these new rules will have on us vendors:

  • Transport
  • Gap Testing
  • Base EHR and additional modules
  • Transparency

Basically, with a focus on “transport”, electronic health records (EHR), the transmission of information through documents and internal system generated messages will be addressed through establishment of security standards and cross enterprise document media interchange. An EMR will be transported as a requirement. With gap testing, an EHR will still be able to maintain previous years certification (i.e. 2011), if nothing has changed in the product, but still has the opportunity to get certified against the new criteria for subsequent years. Third, vendors can streamline their EHR products so that a provider can achieve meaningful use without having to use or forced to use all the components offered in the system that may or may not be useful to a particular provider. Lastly, EHR systems can become more transparent  by making all testing criteria that an EHR is certified against made public as well as  the costs associated with the newly certified EHR. The EHR vendor may face some pushback from customers now that they will know the estimated pricetag of an EHR system but nonetheless, transparency makes both parties lives easier. We at OA Systems will now have to make sure Panacea, our web-based EHR, is not only compliant, but cost effective, when the new Stage 2 criteria is incorporated.

Last day to begin 90-Day Reporting Period for 2012 was October 03, 2012

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The last day for eligible professionals to begin their 90-day reporting period for calendar year 2012 was last Wednesday. If you have missed the target date, 2013 is only a few months away. This gives you enough time to start Meaningful Use Stage 1 at the beginning of 2013 instead of waiting to start towards the end of the 2013 year. By getting started at the beginning of the year, you allow more time for implementation and training. As a result, a much better transition from paper chart to the electronic health record. If you want an even smoother transition from paper records to electronic health records, adopting a web-based EHR can make your practices workflow much more efficient and less costly.

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Videos from “The Meaning of Meaningful Use” Seminar

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On Monday October 18, 2010, OA Systems held a seminar titled “The Meaning of Meaningful Use” in Chicago, IL.

The invited speakers were Regina Holliday, a Patient Rights Advocate and Artist, and Brian Ahier, a Health IT Evangelist.

They spoke about the need for Electronic Health Records (EHR) and the upcoming HITECH Act program, including clarifying the “Meaningful Use” Rules. Please see below for the videos from the seminar:

This is Regina’s speech from the seminar:

This is Brian’s speech from the seminar:

This is the Question & Answer portion from the seminar:

Help Is On The Way

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Amidst all the madness regarding government incentives and meaningful use, seeking quality advice and guidance could not be more necessary.  According to Shahid Shah, Chief Executive Officer of Netspective Communications, physicians should use caution when seeking advice and guidance. 

A great place to start is the newly introduced RECs (Regional Extension Centers).  The upside to RECs is that they are not going to cost the physician anything. On the other hand, the downside is their inexperience.

In addition to RECs, knowledgeable consultants can offer helpful advice for those seeking.  For instance, the advice from trustworthy and reputable consultants in the fields of Meaningful Use (MU), Electronic Health Record (EHR), IT, and Integration can be worthwhile investments.

For full article click on the following source link:

The Charter for a Meaningful Electronic Revolution

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Today is an unprecedented day and will be known in history for a monumental achievement. People will look back at Tuesday July 13, 2010 as a day which started an electronic revolution of sorts. Today marked the release of what thousands around the nation were eagerly waiting for: the final rule on certification criteria for electronic health records (EHR), better known as “meaningful use.”

We at OA Systems would like to applaud HHS and ONC for the publication of the final rule. Meaningful use will have a major impact on the health IT industry for years to come and thus is a key step in the right direction towards improving our healthcare system. We are still in the process of reading through the final rule, all 864 pages of it, so we will respond with more details as we discern them.

On the e-prescribing front, one thing is for sure: Dr. David Blumenthal, the national coordinator for health IT at ONC said in this morning’s briefing that the new rule has relaxed the amount of prescriptions that must be sent electronically. Instead of the proposed interim guidelines which suggested that seventy-five percent of all prescriptions be sent electronically in order to qualify for meaningful use; that number has now been decreased to forty percent.

Let the electronic revolution begin!

New York State Medicaid Offers Incentive For E-Prescribing

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The New York State Medicaid has rolled out its electronic prescribing incentive program this month.

While the HITECH ACT is taking shape, New York wants to accelerate the adoption of technology in healthcare. Isn’t it nice to have forward thinking states such as New York?

This incentive program offers Medicaid prescribers $0.80 per dispensed ambulatory Medicaid e-prescription. In addition, pharmacies are going to benefit financially by receiving $0.20 per dispensed ambulatory Medicaid e-prescription. Any enrolled physician (MD, DO), Dentist, NP, Podiatrist, Optometrist, and licensed Midwife is eligible. Furthermore, this program is going to promote patient medication adherence, because the incentive is payable when the prescription is dispensed to the beneficiary. All prescriber incentives are going to be bundled into quarterly payments.

This program should encourage other states (California, I can’t see you!) to promote healthcare technology as New York is certainly doing its part in promoting the early adoption of technology in healthcare.

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