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Regina Holliday Features OA Systems’ CEO in New Painting

Posted on: December 7th, 2010 by admin No Comments

Regina Holliday, a renowned artist and patient rights advocate, has produced a new painting called “The Menu Set,” which highlights some familiar faces in the Health IT world.

Some of the more prominent faces are Secretary of Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius and National Coordinator for Health Information Technology David Blumenthal.

Secretary Sebelius appears to be offering pie and water to a patient seated at the bar of a restaurant while  Dr. Blumenthal appears to be holding the restaurant’s menu.

Interestingly, Omar Ahmed, the CEO of OA Systems, is depicted as the one taking the patient’s order.

When asked about him being portrayed in this painting, Omar said, “This is quite an honor for me as I am included amongst some of the most important figures in our industry, but I would like to think that it is not a depiction of just me, rather it represents our company OA Systems, and our philosophy of wanting to understand what patients’ needs are and our willingness to work towards improving their lives.”

We sincerely thank Regina for including our CEO in this esteemed group of people and for continuously being a championed supporter for concerned patients.

You can view this painting in person as it is on display throughout the month of December at Politics and Prose Bookstore and Coffeehouse, located at 5015 Connecticut Ave, NW in Washington, DC.

The Charter for a Meaningful Electronic Revolution

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Today is an unprecedented day and will be known in history for a monumental achievement. People will look back at Tuesday July 13, 2010 as a day which started an electronic revolution of sorts. Today marked the release of what thousands around the nation were eagerly waiting for: the final rule on certification criteria for electronic health records (EHR), better known as “meaningful use.”

We at OA Systems would like to applaud HHS and ONC for the publication of the final rule. Meaningful use will have a major impact on the health IT industry for years to come and thus is a key step in the right direction towards improving our healthcare system. We are still in the process of reading through the final rule, all 864 pages of it, so we will respond with more details as we discern them.

On the e-prescribing front, one thing is for sure: Dr. David Blumenthal, the national coordinator for health IT at ONC said in this morning’s briefing that the new rule has relaxed the amount of prescriptions that must be sent electronically. Instead of the proposed interim guidelines which suggested that seventy-five percent of all prescriptions be sent electronically in order to qualify for meaningful use; that number has now been decreased to forty percent.

Let the electronic revolution begin!