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Patient Portal: Effective Patient-Doctor Communication

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Patient portal as the name indicates is a platform presenting the information related to the patients. Whenever we talk about how to provide a quality service from any kind of service provider, we get almost the same reply, by working in close relationship with the clients. Working close with the clients give us the clear understanding of their requirements which leads us to suggest the most appropriate and suitable solutions for them. In the medical world Doctors are the health care providers and patients are the clients. Doctors can never suggest anything until they have all the required information.

EHRs are incorporated with a patient portal being the important part of meaningful use. Some can be accessed from totally different website. Some are integrated within the EHR.

How Patient portals can be beneficial:

Patient portals can be highly beneficial for the health care providers and the patients as well. It will assure the patient satisfaction due to the health information provided and the communication between patient and the doctor. Patient portal results the patient’s engagement in his healthcare which can also reduce the chances of errors. At the health care provider side it will reduce the hassle and the burden as all the workflows will be streamlined.

Panacea Patient Portal:

Panacea Patient portal is an online patient portal developed with the purpose to bring the doctor and the patients close to each other so that a quality of service can be achieved. Panacea patient portal allows the patient to communicate with the doctor from anywhere in the world if internet is available. Patient can send his queries or problems to the doctor and doctor will also be able to answer. This will ultimately improve the efficiency and the productivity.

Patient Portal powered by Panacea™ EHR

Patient Portal powered by Panacea™ EHR

Usage of Panacea Patient Portal:

Panacea Patient portal provides the patient with all his up-to-date health.

  • Patient can view the record of allergies he is suffering from
  • Patient can have the record of the medications prescribed
  • Patient can keep track of his encounter information
  • Patient can view his lab orders
  • Patient can download the CCR (Continuity care record)
  • Patient can be send and receive the messages to and from the doctor

Security of data:

The patient health record is considered to be the most sensitive and personal information, its security is given a top priority.  We assure it by defining a number of secure access controls. Panacea patient portal is also HIPPA compliant guaranteeing the security of patients data.

Enroll to Panacea Patient Portal:

Doctors have to explicitly enroll the patients for the Panacea patient portal.

  • On enroll, a pin code is generated and email is sent to the patient containing login information.
  • If the pin is lost then the patient will not be able to login. In that case patient has to deactivate his account and get to enroll again.

We are trying our best to put maximum information and ease for you on patient portal. So stay tuned for the new exciting features.

Why you should adopt a web based EHR?

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Since 2009, when the US government announced the incentive programs on the adoption of EHR, a huge list of EHR systems are available out there in the IT market. Every EHR, claims to be the best EHR which can bring ease to the life of the doctors. With such a huge list and claims it is quite confusing for the doctors to choose the one, purely satisfying their needs. Above all of the other benefits and features the essential thing to consider is that, whether to adopt the web-based EHR or the desktop EHR. Well, as far as I know, web-based EHR is the better option as compared to the conventional desktop EHRs.

Web-based applications are ubiquitous and have a lot of benefits. With the advancements in technology and demand for the data security and privacy web-based EHRs are high in demand. Though web-based EHRs have plenty of advantages I am going to put some significant ones under the spotlight.

Panacea™ - A Web Based EHR being used on a tablet

Panacea™ - A Web Based EHR being used on a tablet

The top most reason that why doctors should go for web-based EHR is that they are highly manageable and deployable. Obviously doctors cannot deal with the application management and deployment issues. For that they have to hire the IT professionals. In that case what an electronic health record system is going to save for the doctor? The main purpose of the EHR is, to save time and money of both the doctor and the patient, along with the quality of service. If the doctor has to focus on the technical things then how he is going to focus on the quality and without the fulfillment of these basic requirements EHRs are totally useless. Web-based EHRs can be accessed in two simple step. Get a subscription, login to the system and you are ready to go. You do not have to worry at all about the deployment issues, data security issues, data safety issues, and server management. Everything will be managed by the EHR providers.

Web-based EHR also reduces the cost of the system. You just have to pay for the subscription and then you need an internet. You do not have to worry about the hardware etc. automatically reducing the cost.

Another reason why we are advocating for a web-based EHR is its cross platform compatibility and flexibility. It is the age of smart devices. Now, no one wants to sit and work as it was done traditionally. Everyone wants to have the information on the go. Web-based EHR can be accessed wherever or whenever you want. You can access it on your laptop, your tablet and your smart phone. It leads to better coordination and relationship between the patient and the doctor automatically improving the quality.

Collectively web-based EHRs are truly implementing the purpose of electronic health record systems. Anyone who wants to enjoy using EHR should go for web-based EHR.