Panacea™ is now certified for Direct Clinical Messaging

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A good news for Panacea™ 2.0 customers as now they can use Surescripts® certified feature of Direct Messaging from within the Panacea™ interface. Through this enhancement, healthcare providers will be able to seamlessly communicate and share important clinical information through a secure and integrated messaging service powered by the Surescripts® network.

The Surescripts network allows clinical care information, including immunization summaries, CCDs, referrals, discharge summaries and lab results, to be transmitted between peers, practices and health systems locally and nationally across all technology platforms. The network supports all federal and state policies and standards for health information exchange, including privacy and security standards, technology interoperability standards, and message types.

Through this feature, Panacea™ 2.0 users can:

  1. Share patient’s clinical data and reports securely with another doctor
  2. Refer a patient to some other doctor
  3. Communicate with patient directly through web based messaging

Screenshot 1: Example of an inbound referral received through Panacea 2.0’s direct clinical messaging feature powered by Surescripts®

Inbound Referral in Panacea EHR using Direct Clinical Messaging

Screenshot 2: Example of an Outbound Referral being created using Panacea 2.0 direct clinical messaging feature powered by Surescripts®

Outbound Referral using Panacea EHR's direct clinical messaging

Health providers can use this feature to save their and patient’s time while sharing their required medical information with other doctors securely.

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