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What you should look for while choosing an EHR whether you are going for a new one or replacing your current EHR

As stated in the Black Book Rankings (, the year 2013 was predicted as “Year of the Big EHR Switch”. Black book rankings are considered to be well recognized and independent source of quality surveys on user satisfaction, conducted several surveys along with the EHR users. According to the surveys, almost 80% of the EHR users are dissatisfied and they want to switch their EHR.

Mobile Based EHR:

According to Black Book Rankings, smart device based EHR is the top requirement of the health care providers that are considering to switch their EHRs. Mostly healthcare providers are now using the smart devices like the smart phones, iPad and other kind of tablets to perform their everyday activities. They want to perform these activities from anywhere they want. They want to view the patient charts, appointments, schedules, messages, lab orders and etc. remotely. So at the end of 2014 it is highly expected that the market of mobile based EHRs will grow up to 500%.

Infographic: What you should look for while choosing an EHR?

Infographic: What you should look for while choosing an EHR?

User Friendly EHR:

Mostly surveys have shown that the reason to switch an EHR is that doctors are finding it very difficult to understand the EHR application. So the problem is that EHRs are not user friendly and easy to use. Which is directly affecting the performance which in turn is resulting in the cost overrun and opportunity loss. It is said by the doctors that EHR vendors need to fulfill their promise of providing the improved outcomes and performance. So doctors need to switch to the EHR which is highly user friendly and has maximum customization provided.


Interoperability is something that enables the date sharing and delivery between different EHR applications. It is the most important feature that EHR should have because right information at right time to the right person makes a big difference. So all the interoperability standards should be implemented carefully and it should be simple, secure and scalable.

Clear Understanding of Workflows:

Doctors thinking to switch their EHRs also considering the question that “how they can get most out of their EHR?” The answer to the question is very easy that they need to fully understand the workflow of the application and for that their vendors should facilitate them with highly experienced support personnel. It is quite clear now that doctors need to switch to the EHR with efficient and fast performing 24/7 support.

Before making another move, it is highly important for the doctors to not repeat the mistake they committed in the past. They need to closely analyze what they want in their EHR. Below is the table that will make it clear that how Panacea EHR is full filling all your needs

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