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Before the era of IT and close integration of IT in our lives, going to doctor was not that easy. One had to go through the terrible hassle on the appointment counter which was, no doubt, a time wasting and tiring process. To get over the problem, appointment scheduling systems were introduced in the market in the near past. Initially they were not that mature but with the improvements suggested by the users and the general public now we have some really useful appointment management systems. All the systems in market have the same purpose but with different features. The difference is basically based on the features like some allow double booking, recurring appointments, color coded appointments and etc. whereas some do not.

Integration of Schedule Management Systems with Practice Management systems:

The new problem arose when Practice management systems were introduced and being highly used for managing the clinics. Using two different systems for managing the appointments and managing the practice was becoming a burden. Clinic staff had to do redundant work for patient demographics and a lot of other things as well. Then service providers merged the schedule management system into the practice management system to avoid rework. Now almost every Practice management system is integrated with the patient schedule management system in order to ensure comfort and efficiency in managing a medical practice.

Panacea™ Schedule and Appointment Management System:

Panacea EHR is incorporated with one of the most intuitive patient scheduling systems. Panacea, being a web-based EHR, provides secure online access which means any clinical staff member designated to do the appointment scheduling can do it anywhere he wants and anytime he is asked to. Panacea scheduling system gives a color coded appointment management which makes it easy for the staff to recognize the time slots available or booked against a particular Doctor and also the patient’s problem.

  • Panacea™ lets you create recurring appointments over a specific time period.
  • Appointments can be cancelled and deleted as required.
  • Patient demographic information can be managed in few clicks
  • Different color can be allotted to different appointments.

Appointments on Panacea™ Dashboard:

Right after the login, Doctor can view his appointments on his dashboard making it easy to keep an eye on his commitments. Appointments of different dates and Doctors can also be viewed from the Dashboard. To make navigation easier for the Doctor, he can directly jump to the patient chart right from the appointments displayed.

Panacea™ Dashboard showing appointments and schedule

Panacea™ Dashboard showing appointments and schedule

Managing Break List:

Panacea Scheduler has also the ability to record the break time of any provider. Staff can select the time period for the break and it will be displayed in a color selected, making it easy to communicate with the patients.

Patient Satisfaction:

Panacea Scheduler will satisfy your patients by making it easy for them to access your practice anytime they want. They don’t have to wait in the large queue for follow ups and scheduling their appointments resulting in their contentment. Patient satisfaction means the success of your practice. So lead your practice to the path of success with Panacea™ EHR.

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