E-Prescribing Increases in….Alaska!

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According to a recent news article, the number of physicians that are eprescribing is increasing. Something that has helped in this new trend is that 94% of the state’s pharmacies are capable to receive electronic prescriptions now. Another important factor may be the state legislature passing a statute in 2009 to help promote an electronic health information exchange. We have seen these results as well, through a number of RxCure clients adopting eprescribing in Alaska.

In addition to the benefits of increasing efficiency for both pharmacies and physician offices, eprescribing also benefits the patients. Some of the benefits the patients can take advantage of through eprescribing include improvements in safety; eprescribing a medication will allow a doctor to check the patient’s medication history as well as their allergy list to make sure the medication being prescribed is not counter-indicative. In addition, patients may not have to wait in line as long to drop off the paper scripts, thus making it more timely for them.

This news is a breath of fresh air, as Alaska ranks fiftieth in the national Safe Rx rankings by Surescripts. So there is definitely room to grow and nowhere to go but up. We applaud the state of Alaska as it builds the momentum to go paperless!

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