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Success Stories

“OA Systems has helped my practice immensely. They have improved my monthly reimbursement rates and have done a wonderful job. I had many in-house billers in the past, but was not satisfied with any of them. It has been a pleasure having my billing done through OA Systems.”

Kent Latham, MD | Harriman, TN

Key Features of ClaimsCure™ Billing Service
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  • Full service medical billing
  • Personalized Account Manager and Claims Specialist for each client
  • All claims electronically processed which ensures faster reimbursement
  • Medical necessity and scrubbing checks substantially minimize rejection rates
  • Integration of Electronic Remittance Advice (ERA) information with the patient ledger
Financial Incentives
Why ClaimsCure Billing Services?

Running a medical practice is not getting any easier. As insurance reimbursement rates decline, billing issues and operating costs go up, and administrative challenges increase. It is becoming increasingly difficult to manage your practice effectively while keeping your costs down.

This is where Claims Cure Services come in. We offer the most reliable and affordable billing service on the market. We will create a solution built around your needs that best fits your workflow with a rate below our competitors. Hundreds of clients nationwide have used our solutions to streamline their practice and create more opportunity. We will not just send in claims for your practice ,we will work with you to ensure greater profitability through lower overhead and higher reimbursement.

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of staff time is spent following up on claims that are initially rejected


of non-Medicare
claims are rejected


of the physicians
legitimate revenue is lost usually a result of missing the filing limit date because of initial rejection.

Let ClaimsCure™ simplify the medical billing for your practice. Save time and resources and improve reimbursement rates by minimizing your claim rejection rates. Below is a comparison of ClaimsCure™ and the Industry Averages:

Reimbursement Time

Rejection Rate


2 * weeks from the claims submission

< 1% **

Industry Average

1 month from claims submission


* Medicare and most commercial payers; subject to change by payers
** Represents average rate based on submissions; may vary

Cost Comparison:

In-house billing versus ClaimsCure™ Medical Billing Service

Personnel costs

Average Software costs

Maintenance Fees

Clearinghouse Fees

Total Cost

In-house Billing Expenses (Industry Average)

$50,000 / year

$10,000 / year

$1,000 / year

$1,200 / year

$62,200 / year